dot-dot-dot hot

the sun shines hot
I don’t know what
down should I jot
to make this to a poem

I clean forgot
the outlin’d plot
which I had got
I don’t know what I’m doing

and were it not

so dot-dot-dot

I’d write a lot


© cgmkucera 2010

To A Loved One

my prose is bad
which makes me sad
wishing I had
more talent

then I would write
something more bright
instead of trite
sweet nothings

(but as I don’t , then I just won’t)

I’m so in love
so as the dove
soars high above
I do too

thus I’ll be brave
and say I crave
to be your slave
in all things

(though it’s not just a thing of lust)

you know I do
love you so true
you’ll never rue
to trust me

for bad and good
I never would
I never could
forsake you

(for I am thine and you are mine)

our tether:
love forever;
it will never
colder grow

so believe me
when I tell thee
I do love ye

© cgmkucera 2010

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 when i was told
 that as of old
 a brave new world
 rose off the fold
 I ran, not scared
 though unprepared
 to watch and see
 what others dared
 my heart to mend
 I found a friend
 who loves me true
 love will not end
 now friendly chimes
 toll happy times
 and everything
 on love now rhymes
 on wings I fly
 and by and by
 the limit is
 only the sky

© cgmkucera 2010

The Loner

there was a boy
and he was shy
was far too coy
came never by

alone he'd sit
afraid to walk
though quick in wit
was slow to talk

once in a while
someone adressed him
then a faint smile
and blush caressed him

glad of each word
the other said
it made this world
a li'l less sad

© cgmkucera 2010


short story (sad!)

Dream On, Kid...

The Kid woke up slowly, into a pleasant dream:

He was lying in between cool, crisp sheets, in a comfortable bed, in a nicely furnished room. The curtained windows let some streams of golden light in, telling him it was a late and sunny summer afternoon. As he got up and went to the bathroom, he heard his mother pottering about in the kitchen, and the enticing smells of cocoa and waffles wafted gently around him, making his mouth water and long for breakfast. He hurried to get dressed, and fairly ran downstairs, receiving a loving hug from his mother as he arrived, a little breathless, in the kitchen. He sat down at the tastefully laid out breakfast table, glanced happily as his mother ran her hand lightly through his hair and told him to tuck in. He eagerly did so, and as he did...

...the kid woke up slowly, into a sad nightmare:

He was lying between cold, clammy pieces of cardboard, in a corner behind a garbage can, on the streets. The evil sulphurous glow of the street lamp told him that it was long before the sun would shine, yet, on this winter morning, and give at least a little warmth to his emaciated, shivering body. He thought of his former home, and hot tears streamed down his grimy cheeks. Sad and forlorn, he tried to curl up more and go back to sleep, hoping to catch up on some of that short-lived pleasantness he had felt.

Dream On, Kid!

© cgmkucera2010

just friends

"just friends" is what you want to be
'just friends' is fuck all good to me

so let me tell you - I feel numb
and that is 'cause you are so dumb:

why hide yourself at home alone
depressive, fucked-up to the bone

embrace life and accept a love
that cared for you for long enough !

© cgmkucera 2009
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...right ! - can anyone tell me how to insert a link (flash/whatever it's called) so that it works ?!? - I am completely clueless where computers are concerned, sorry^^... any help is really much appreciated !!!...

♫, glorious food ! ♫

...right ! a round of 'good news - bad news'...   :)

...the good news today is, that I found a supermarket which stocks 'Rocky Mountain Marshmallows'... now those are the brand which my godparents used to buy whenever I visited them in Chicago, IL... we used to sit around the barby in summer or the open fireplace in winter and roast them... or on wet and windy days after spending time outside I used to slowly slurp homemade hot cocoa over a mouthful of those 'Rocky Mountain Marshmallows' (many mouthfuls, really, as I could never wait long enough for them to get really gooey, and just chewed them, gulping cocoa in between :lol: )^^... and of course seeing who could get the most in his mouth at a time: their son always won (he's 10 yrs older than I), but I didn't care - I just liked the funny feeling in my mouth^^... I attach such great memories to this brand... when I saw them, I could hardly believe my eyes and nearly squeaked... it wouldn't probably have mattered if I did, though, as I got agitated enough as it was and people were looking, anyway^^... :D

...bad news today is, that  another superstore, where I only recently found out that they sell Colmans English Mustard, are NOT stocking it any more... apparently there was too little demand... there I had been, all happy because I thought I now could just get that mustard in my 'hometown' instead of loading up the car with boxes of it whenever I go over to the UK - and now they just decide not to sell it any more !!!... and of course I attach many memories to that foodstuff, too... like picnics in the country or on the banks of the Medway... my aunties garden parties and her famous breaded ham and mustard sandwiches... my own ham 'n cheese 'n mustard 'n mayo 'n watercress creation... good thing I bought the last three glasses they had last time - that should get me through the winter if used sparingly^^... :) all in all I felt a bit torn today: my english 'food connection' has dried up - but an american one has opened-up... I feel a bit miffed (annoyed) on the one hand, but also quite chuffed (pleased) on the other^^... and a bit sick, too, as I have eaten a whole bag of those marshmallows this evening (and after having had a proper dinner, too)... still love 'em, though^^... cheerio...  :P

(P.S.: I wrote this yesterday night, but forgot to post it here- it's the marshmallows' fault^^...)


15 years

all these past years I hoped I find you again
because I love you

all these long years I was feeling less than whole
because I need you

all these sad years I was lonely wherever I went
because I want you

all these many years I thought of you always
because I miss you

and now that I finally found you by chance
I’ve hurt you again

but please listen and believe me if you can
I love you so much

after all of this I know one thing: I’m yours !
please won’t you be mine ?

© text & photos: cgmkucera 2009

jokular meditation

one road to wisdom leads
one road to love's desire

which one to take ?
which one to aspire ?

each has its merits
each has its uses

one blows your mind
the other your fuses

you cannot walk both
they lead different ways

the first's lined with books
the second with gays

will one make you boring ?
or sexy the other ?

I can't decide this -
better ask mother !

© cgmkucera 2009


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